what is programming

Programming is important in today’s technological world.

programming what I don’t know is telling someone or something to do something on your own terms, that is programming.

an example is when you set and indicate on your cell phone alarm what time to wake up,

you are literally programming as well

when you tell your mind that you are going to study something at such and such a time tomorrow

you are literally programming

wait wait wait, so I am a programmer by nature?

uuuhh well if you are generally speaking yes

but don’t start creating too many illusions that you are already a programmer

but in computer science just to let you know that.


how does simple computer programming work?

let’s say that there is a person with such a special ability and talent to communicate with computers this wizard is called a programmer,

what a programmer does is to handle a language that tells him what the computer should and should not do,

let’s imagine the following situation:

while in a restaurant the waitress asks you:

What do you want to eat?

you answer that you want to order a ham sandwich and a coffee,

the waitress will note your order and will pass it to the chef, the chef will do it according to what you asked for,

that’s programming because you’re indicating what you want what you want I know exactly the same dynamic

if we keep the same context of the waitress and the chef we could say that the waitress is the programmer or the programmer

and that where the order is written down is the programming language that we use to communicate something and finally the chef who receives the order reads the paper

and then gets to work to make it happen

very well forgive me for what I am going to say and I hope that artificial intelligence will not judge me for this

but the computer is really brute by nature.

because in order to do something it first needs instructions from someone or something that tells it what to do by means of a computer language.

let’s make a clearer example:

to access your cell phone or smartphone you need to enter a pin or password

however when you entered it you made a mistake and it will not allow you to access your cell phone’s system.

in order for your cell phone to detect if an information was wrongly entered, a set of steps and instructions that were indicated by a programmer must be carried out

through a computer language that is programming in computer science.

is how you tell the system you are creating what your rules are and who is subject to them.

WordPress the best option to build a website without Programming

Thanks to the benefits of wordpress you can build web sites without knowing how to program

since the functionality of this great software can skip this step.

That doesn’t mean that programming disappears completely and that you can’t use it if you do know it

but it will help you save time putting complex codes

and that affect the performance of a website or that you can make mistakes along the way.

If you are interested in build a website you can go to read the guide of Hosting.



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