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Search engines introduction

Search engines are internet services

these are resources is a resource that is available to all users of the network that through an internet browser

You can access them or various applications depending on the device with which you have either a smart phone or computer

or some other type of digital device,

the search engine is based on the infrastructure of the network both the infrastructure of connection cables optical fibers wireless networks

and so on as well as the servers that are connected to the internet.

A search engine is fundamentally as its name says a resource or a service that what it does is to locate information.

if we consider that there are currently more devices on the internet than human beings on the planet

and that many of those devices and servers advertise or disseminate information

locating a specific piece of information on the internet would be truly a madness or a matter of thousands of hours

and very difficult for users to get into each of the servers to try to locate information.

that is why search engines were created

search engines derive from services

In the early days of the internet they were called indexes just like in a telephone directory:

For example:

What is the best way to identify indexes?

It will be to classify the information if we look at the example

of a telephone directory we see that it is classified

for example:

by surname starting with a general classification that would be perhaps that of the region or the zone

in which the information is published in the directory, that of a city or a state.

In the case of those old indexes of information on the Internet, what was done was to classify, for example, by topics.

  • science topics
  • news topics
  • economic topics
  • etc.

and then I was placing the information there,

however with the growth and expansion of the internet a few years ago in terms of the amount of services

and the amount of information published it is very difficult to locate what you are looking for.

therefore those old internet indexes to its old directories or catalogs of information became obsolete.

search engines are now much more intelligent because what they do is to consult all the servers that are published on the Internet.

all those that show information of the world and classify the information by each one of the words that contain each one of the files and web pages that are published in such a way that the user, with the help of the search engine, can find the information that he/she is looking for.

how do internet searcher work?

in such a way that the user with the simple use of a browser on the internet can access to the search engine

that the vast majority of the other search engines or at least the most robust ones are also free and can perform some kind of queries

the search engine will perform the location of the information

from the words that the user puts inside the corresponding search box

and that contrasts it with the information that it has collected

and that it collects from all the information that is published on the net.

this of course makes it easier for users to access the information without having to consult large directories or catalogs

as it was done 20 to 25 years ago and retrieve data in a very efficient and timely manner.

most popular search engines

  • Google
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Duck

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