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a web page is a document that is part of a website and usually contains links, also known as hyperlinks.

In order to facilitate the navigation between the contents, web pages are developed with markup languages such as html
developed with markup languages such as html,

that can be interpreted by the browsers in this way the pages can present information in different formats such as:

text, images, sounds, videos and animations that will be associated with style data or have interactive applications.

types of webs

static web page:

it is one that is composed of a series of files that contain
the html code that constitutes the page itself

and that allow to show the texts, images, videos, etc. that conform the content of the page.

these files are stored on the hosting server in html format, together with the image files commonly in jpg, gif, png format and the videos and other contents of the site.

To modify this type of pages the files must be downloaded from the server with some software for this purpose such as ftp clients edited using a web page editing program,

such as dreamweaver, saved and uploaded again to the server,

this process of edition requires to handle a series of programs that must be installed in the pc and requires a series of knowledge and abilities for the correct use of these programs.

and skills for the correct use of these programs,

dynamic web page

The dynamic term does not refer to movement as many may think.
the dynamic term refers to the fact that the web page is built at the moment that the
the moment in which the page is visited by the user,

that is to say, that the content of the web page is not fixed but is built according to the interaction that the user makes with the page.

the information of this type of pages is usually stored in a database from
of which a part is extracted according to the selections or actions carried out by the person
carried out by the person who visits the web page.

to carry out this type of pages it is necessary to have knowledge of programming and
programming and database management or use software that makes use of these technologies.

dynamic web pages also have the following characteristics:

1-great number of possibilities in its design and development the visitor can alter the design contents or presentation of the page to his taste.

2- In its realization several languages and techniques of programming are used the process of update is extremely simple and without necessity to enter in the server.

3- It allows a great number of functionalities such as databases, forums, dynamic content, etcetera.

In the last years given the advance and presence that has internet in our lives many are the companies that have started and have created their web page,

And it is that they have discovered that the same one serves them to make themselves known to the world to obtain new clients.
world to get new customers and therefore to improve their economic results.
economic results

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